ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau

Production of parts and components for equipment

We offer ready-to-install lined parts manufactured from the appropriate materials in our own workshop / workshops of our cooperation partners. Steel parts are designed and manufactured together with a steel constructor. They can be part of an existing plant, or they can be completely new pieces of equipment (e.g. new design, modification, performance optimization).

  • Ceramic Wear / Corrosion Resistant Piping
  • Conveyor drive drum with ceramic wear-resistant lining
  • Burner brick
  • Collector
  • Gas supply unit
  • Heating block (oven-dispenser)
  • Drain chute / hopper with ceramic wear-resistant lining
  • Oven cover
  • Transport crucible / transport bucket

We offer complete relining / redesign of industrial furnaces and equipment components