ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau

Materials delivery and assembly

Installation can be done in our workshop or onsite by our experienced installation personnel who have extensive skills gained from a variety of industries – steel, aluminum, cement, chemical, refinery, biomass and waste incineration plants. Our staff is regularly trained in quality assurance and labor protection.

Our range of services

  • Dismantling and installation of the lining
  • All sorts of stone material
  • Ceramic material of all kinds
  • Bonding technique
  • Fastening technique (anchors, gratings, stud welding, etc.).
  • Casting and spray compounds, including 2-component compounds
  • Ramming mixtures
  • Ready components
  • Fiber material in layered and modular technology
  • Insulation systems
  • Hot repair using spray technique
  • Lining / manufacturing of small components, etc. in our workshop
  • Purchase and delivery of the necessary materials and components
  • Supply of steel parts (e.g. refractory elements, beams, pipes, etc.).
  • Implementing the necessary conditions for dry heating