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Already at the preparation for repair work stage or at the stage of delivery of a new protective lining for your equipment, our specialists can work out an individual solution for you. Depending on the objective, a project is developed that takes into account all the requirements and wishes. It includes recommendations for a lining system (e.g. in-situ concrete or chamotte, including insulation and support systems).

Our engineering consulting services include:

  • Inspection and assessment of objects (damage assessment on site)
  • Analysis (basic engineering)
  • Construction and planning (drawings preparing)
  • Lining design (lining, concrete formwork, installation plan, etc.)
  • Simulation (e.g. heat transfer calculations)
  • Project management (coordination, support and control, assembly documentation)
  • Monitoring during commissioning

We are happy to advise you

At the planning phase, many mistakes are possible. Please, address to the specialists.

Many years of experience in furnaces and industrial complexes construction, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of building materials, enable us to develop the optimal concept for your project and your technical equipment. This is performed in close cooperation with the customer and suppliers.

We guarantee our compromise and professional advice.

The result of our engineering

Ultimately, the result should be in line with your life expectancy and the ability to load the brick lining for the required service life.

In addition, the brick lining must be balanced in terms of wall construction and heat loss, and its cost must be beneficial.

With our experience, we can offer you this, in particular at the stage of project planning.

As a result of our engineering, you will receive a technical proposal with a description of the work and the quality of the materials used. Additional relevant information such as heat transfer calculations, data sheets, sketches or CAD drawings are enclosed. The proposal contains information about the number of employees and the intended duration of work. The offer concludes with information about our services and boundary conditions.

Engineering support from SBS Industrial Solutions GmbH is a key element of our service program.

Find the perfect solution for your oven / installation with us.