ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau

Dismantling, cleaning and maintenance of ovens

experienced technician.

During the inspection, attention is paid to:

  • Lining / masonry wear (including deviations in wall thickness, visible metal parts, anchors)
  • Damage such as cracks, chips, delamination and bulges
  • Comparison of seam performance
  • Uncontrolled cracking
  • Color image of refractory lining
  • The appearance and characteristics of slags and deposits (glass, solid to powdery, easily detachable from the surface)
  • Wear and damage to adjacent components (e.g. grates, nozzles, burners, measuring points, etc.) which may indicate operational problems

At the end, a damage assessment is provided with recommendations for further actions. These can range from a documented conclusion that the condition is satisfactory to recommendations for maintenance or repairs with a possible risk of equipment failure.

Maintenance includes:

  • Care of seams in all accessible areas of the equipment
  • Insulation work (e.g. using ceramic fiber materials)
  • Current local repair to prevent further damage
  • Documenting the work, for example through video footage or collaborative walks

Repairs are made by dismantling and re-lining in the damaged area. This can be done by completely replacing or changing / improving the existing situation. We are pleased to provide our expertise in this area.

These measures are a prerequisite for high reliability of the lining and therefore ensure a longer service life of the equipment.