ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau

Ceramic welding for coke

SBS Industrial Solutions services for coke oven battery repair:
• Ceramic Welding Products
• Ceramic Welding Services
• Technical Support
• Heating Wall Panel Patches
• Specialised Shaped Products (Fused Silica)
• Flue Cleaning
• Coke Battery Inspection Surveys
• Airborne Sealing
• Emissions Control
• Gunning Products
• Gunning services
Ceramic welding applications:
• Reconstitution of spalled refractory
• Repair and stabilization of loose or missing chamber roof refractories
• Panels repairs in heating flue
• Remedial repairs post flue cleaning
• Sealing of bleeds and leaks
• Reconstitution of undercuts
• Oven sole repairs
• Connecting old to new refractory brickwork
• Post end flue replacement
• Sealing and re-profiling of charge holes
• Emission control
Fused silica repair strategy:  


  • Ad Hoc Repairs
  • Battery condition will define repair priorities
  • CPL / Customer to define Scope of Work
  • Define material requirements and commence works immediately
  • (Stock maintained by customer on Site)
Preventative work:

(Planned Maintenance)

  • Project Works
  • Undertake Battery inspection
  • Prioritise repairs according to inspection report
  • CPL / Customer to define Scope of Work
  • (CPL to provide Fused Silica as per SOW)
SBS Industrial Solutions operating strategy:
Repair strategy:
Our company offers a diverse range of services and repair techniques and strengthening damaged refractory in furnace chambers:
• Priority and unscheduled repairs – ceramic welding
• Initial repair – ceramic welding
• Restoration of deformed or missing refractory – fused silica panels / ceramic welding
• End Flue Rebuilds by fused silica
Strategic benefits:
Ceramic Welding and Fused Silica Endflue replacement are proven technologies used for both the Preventative and Remedial maintenance of Coke Oven Refractory.
• Fast repairs to reduce coke loss, through improved availability of coke ovens and life extension of the refractory heating walls
• Emissions are reduced by welding of cracks and bleeds in the heating walls
• Coke production can be further optimised through the on-line repair of bows, bulges, re-profiling of damaged and spalled areas of the walls and charge holes.
SBS/CPL CARDEK Fused Silica Brick​:
  • Bespoke Brick Shapes, designed for Battery
  • Immediate Heat-up
  • In-House Design
  • Manufactured to Hot Dimensions
  • Utilised in “Panel Repairs” or “Endflue Rebuilds”
  • Reduced Outage Time
  • Cost Effective

Benefits of our service

  • Cost effective pricing​
  • Superior quality control
  • Improved coke oven efficiency
  • Increased coke oven productivity
  • Extended Refractory Life​​
  • Reduced emissions