ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau

Production of carbon-containing molded materials and products

The article was provided by our partner company DEMIN SRM GmbH (

Our company has developed a fundamentally new method of carbon-containing molded materials and products manufacturing. This method excludes such harmful components as coal tar pitch, phenolic resins, as well as other exotic organic components and liquids. In addition, there is no need for subsequent heat treatment, which in traditional technological processes can take up to 30 days, as, for example, in the heat treatment of graphite electrodes.

The scope of application of this method is a refractory industry – the production of molded periclase-carbon, dolomite-carbon and other products with a carbon content of 2 up to 100%, – the corundum-graphite and other products production by isostatic pressing, such as monoblock stoppers, submersible nozzles and other goods, working in contact with melts of metals, slags, glasses and other aggressive media, up to a temperature of 3500°C – the possibility of manufacturing inserts for gate plates, but the most important and promising, in our opinion, is the production of graphite and graphitized electrodes by this method, both for aluminum production, and for the smelting and refining of steel, ferroalloys, as well as various minerals and oxides in electric arc furnaces.

We invite companies interested in joint promotion and implementation of this method on mutually beneficial cooperation terms.