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Modern high-temperature technologies impose high standards on refractory materials

Replacement of refractory products with similar made of ceramic fiber, including bio-soluble ones, with an operating temperature up to 1800 °C, has become relevant today.

Most experts and designers believe that materials with a low bulk density can be used as thermal insulation at any high temperatures. This is partly true and is associated with traditional approaches, when the vast majority of thermal insulation materials are used in everyday life and construction in order to save energy. The maximum operating temperatures of such insulation hardly exceed 800 °C.

However, the fact that at temperatures approaching 800 °C, the predominant heat transfer is radiation and that a whole group of heat-insulating light materials at higher temperatures can be inferior in heat-insulating properties to dense and heavy materials is not considered.

The determining factors here are the structure of the material, the size of the pores, the number of defects in the continuous phase, and a number of optical and magnetic properties of the substance of which this or that element of thermal insulation is made.

The creation of the necessary structure, as well as its management is the future of thermal insulation materials when used in high-temperature processes.

It became possible to obtain lightweight materials that can operate in contact with liquid metals, both non-ferrous and alloy steel. To manufacture filters for hot gases cleaning with application temperatures up to 1800 °C, to form light refractory products instead of dense and bulky refractories with high abrasion resistance and high mechanical properties.

Keeping pace with progress and being ahead of it as much as possible is the goal of our company, which is engaged not only in production, but also in scientific research.

Our long-term experience of working with heat-insulating materials, in which not only fibrous and foamed materials act as a source of thermal energy storage allowed us to work out a technology for manufacturing lightweight products with specified and adjustable properties and application temperatures up to 1800 °C.

Our company is one of the few able to produce large, lightweight and durable fiber products by vacuum forming. The dimensions of monolithic products, in which the use of composite elements is excluded, can reach up to 1000 mm in three axes and wall thickness from 10 to 100 mm.

In the case of manufacturing products of large dimensions and with greater thickness, we successfully use various adhesives and mastics of our own production.

Shaped large-sized mulite-silica product (700 mm*700 mm*700 mm, product thickness 50 mm).

Combustion chamber cover.