ISO 9001:2015
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KALFIX is a laying material for thin-bed laying and grouting of ceramic wear protection materials. It is an elastic 2-component plastic mortar based on epoxy resin, which is offered in 5 kg combination containers. KALFIX is suitable for laying on overhanging surfaces, but not for laying on stainless steel.

Preparation of metallic surfaces:

The substrate must be flat and smooth.
Unevenness > 2 mm related to 0.5 m length is not permissible.
Protruding edges, weld seams or weld spatter must be removed.
The surface must be clean, dust-free and dry. A surface quality of at least SA 2.5 according to DIN EN 8501 is required.


The wear protection materials, such as KALCERAM-K, must be clean on the surface, free of dust, dry and free of oil.

After processing, the product and ambient temperature for the next 48 hours should be
should be at least 12 °C.


Smoothing trowel + notched trowel
Apply KALFIX with smoothing trowel and comb through with notched trowel. Fix wear protection materials with light contact pressure. Remove any material escaping at joints.

Container size:

5 kg combi container
– 4 kg KALFIX Hart
– 1 kg KALFIX Härter

Storage in closed containers:

12 months, dry, at min. 15 °C


All technical data are approximate values. They are based on the evaluation of tests from specific samples and are not to be interpreted as a warranty for which SBS Industrial Solutions GmbH assumes any legal liability. Technical changes and errors excepted.

KALFIX is manufactured with the aim of optimum laying properties and high quality. Due to the manufacturing process, deviations in product properties cannot be excluded. These include typical characteristics of epoxy resin-bonded products, such as temperature and application-related variations in processing, hardening and product properties.