ISO 9001:2015
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KALCERAM-K  is a wear-resistant hard ceramic with good anti-friction properties. It is the most economical material for lining components, which protects against abrasion and has excellent antifriction properties at high temperatures.

KALCERAM-K is abrasion resistant and highly resistant to temperature fluctuations.


Due to the peculiarities of the technological process, it is impossible to exclude deviations in the characteristics of the product. These include dimensional tolerances, appearance and surface flatness. This also includes the typical characteristics of mineral / ceramic products such as cracking, porosity and microcracking.

All specifications values are approximate. They are based on analysis of test results for certain samples and cannot be used as a basis for guarantees for which SBS Industrial Solutions GmbH is legally responsible. The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes and errors.

Product Description

KALCERAM-K is optimally suited for applications where there is not only a problem of deposit build-up, but also a significant abrasive load. The properties of more expensive wear protection materials are not always economically advantageous. KALCERAM-K can be used at temperatures up to 1000 °C.


The cut plates of the required size are placed on a special KALFIX cement mortar.


Smooth surface for good anti-friction properties and tough ceramic with medium wear resistance.

Application Examples

Sliding linings and simultaneous abrasion protection for various structural elements, such as coke ramps.