ISO 9001:2015
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SOLUT Module 

Product description 

Modular-block thermal insulation is a lightweight lining made in the form of blocks for direct installation on the frames of industrial furnaces. The modules are designed to simplify and speed up furnace lining installation with a wide range of benefits.

Ceramic fiber modules consist of three main components: thermal insulation component folded in the form of an accordion, continuous roll material made of thermal insulation fiber SOLUT Blanket

Compression strapping of the module to maintain dimensions of 305×305 mm. After placement on the oven frame, the compression ligament is removed and the insulation fiber is expanded. This results in a tight, gap-free lining that protects the metal parts from high temperatures due to their location on the “cold” side of the module.


  • Thermal insulation of high-temperature units (furnaces of steel-making, rolling and forging-pressing production: soaking-pit furnace, continuous, ring, roller, bell-type, sectional, bogie hearth furnaces, drying and heating stands for steel-pouring and intermediate ladles) in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering
  • thermal insulation and refractory lining of tubular furnaces, reactors in the petrochemical and oil refining industries 

thermal insulation of boilers, boilers, heat exchangers, steam pipes, hot blast lines, steam and gas turbines in the thermal and municipal power sector


SOLUT Modules give the oven user, as a refractory installation company, many advantages:

  • quick installation
  • efficient mounting design
  • gap-free lining
  • immediate start of work
  • light weight
  • low heat capacity
  • thermal shock resistant
  • mechanical damage resistant
  • elasticity

The dimensions of the products and the maximum deviations should correspond to the values given in table 2.

By agreement with the consumer, other standard size blocks can be manufactured, as well as shaped ones.

In the manufacture of products with an apparent density of 160-220 kg/m3, plywood or plastic liners are included in the package.

When compressed to a given density and given dimensions, the products are tied with a packing polypropylene tape according to DIN EN 13394 along the length of the product, at least two tapes for every 300 mm.

Products are manufactured with or without anchoring system.

Products can be completed with anchor systems for central and side fastenings. The central fastening system is installed directly into the product, the side fastening system is supplied separately from the product, in the kit. The central and the side fastening systems may be additionally equipped with fasteners by agreement with the customer

  • studs for hand welding
  • ARC studs with ceramic ring
  • nuts

According to agreement with consumer, it is allowed to manufacture other types of anchoring systems.  


Before using, please read the safety precautions and health hazards when working with SOLUT Board in our safety data sheet.

All reported technical data are approximate. They are based on sample tests and have been presented and described as testing results. As a result of the manufacturing process, deviations in product properties cannot be ruled out. For that reason, they should not be accepted as a guarantee for which SBS Industrial Solutions GmbH assumes legal responsibility. We reserve the right to make technical changes based on new findings. Spelling and typing errors are not excluded.