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SOLUT Board 

Product description

SOLUT Board are refractory, high temperature boards. They are made from ceramic fibers using organic and inorganic binders.

They are pressed and therefore have a high density with good mechanical strength. Due to its special mechanical strength, this plate is used, for example, for light lining of combustion chambers, boilers and heaters.

Different raw material densities and classification temperatures make it possible to use the panels in a targeted manner in an extended area in general furnace construction as well as in mechanical engineering etc.

SOLUT Board panels are very stable and have a good evenness. Due to their porous structure, they have good thermal insulation properties and are often used as a thermal insulation layer in the lining or thermal insulation.
The board does not contain asbestos, which is undoubtedly an advantage compared to asbestos containing materials. The maximum application temperature is specific and, if in doubt, can be discussed with our technologist.

The SOLUT Board can be processed very well with a milling machine.


  • ease of installation
  • dimensional accuracy
  • polished surface
  • flame resistance
  • lack of fragility with homogeneous structure
  • low thermal conductivity
  • low heat capacity
  • thermal shock resistant


  • various types of industrial ovens, including heating ones
  • roaster, smelting and others
  • various types of boilers
  • household stoves
  • fireplaces
  • high temperature flues
  • hot air ducts and pipelines  
  • fireproof boxes
  • heat chambers and others

Before using, please read the safety precautions and health hazards when working with SOLUT Board in our safety data sheet.

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