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Metal powders

Metal powders – powders obtained by powder metallurgy methods – by spraying the melt, reduction, grinding, electrolysis, autoclave, carbonyl method.a Electrolytic copper powders are used for the manufacture of parts by powder metallurgy in the electrical, chemical industry and mechanical engineering.

According to GOST 4960, electrolytic copper powders of the following grades are produced:

PMS-1, PMS-A, PMS-11, PMS-V – stabilized powder;

PMS-N – stabilized low-dispersed powder;

PMS – K – stabilized caulking powder.

Powders and powders

Product nameGOST, TU
APZh-PulverTU 1791-99-024-99
Pulver PA-0, PA-1, PA-2, PA-3, PA-4GOST 6058-73 (VD), TU 1791-133-00195430-2013
Pulver PAP-1, PAP-2GOST 5494-95
Pulver PP-1L, PP-1T, PP-2LGOST 5592-71 (VD)
APV-PulverTU 48-5-152-78, TU 9120-011-45413739-2002
Pulver APV-PTU 1790-46652423-01-99
BSB-PulverTU 48-21-721-81
BPO-PulverTU 48-21-5-72
Pulver BPP-1TU 48-21-150-72
PMS-PulverTU 48-21-729-82
Pulver LC62-0.5TU 48-21-701-80
AKP-KörnungenTU 1791-99-023-99

APV TU 48-5-152-78 mit Aluminiumpulverqualität

Powder grade   Mass fraction,%   
Aluminum contentImpurities, no more
at leastFeCuZnSiPbSnMgGesamt