ISO 9001:2015
SoKa Bau


Ferrotitanium is an alloy of iron and titanium, obtained both by the furnace and by the out-of-furnace method (according to GOST 4761-91), used for the production of structural steels for final deoxidation and degassing, as well as in the manufacture of welding electrodes. Ferrotitanium is supplied in lumps or in the form of crushed and sieved particles. The fractional composition of the supplied material depends on the needs of the consumer and can be provided in the range from 0 to 200 mm.

BrandMass fraction of elements,%            
% Minimumimpurities, no more
FTi 70C0568-755.
FTi 70C0868-754.,821,
FTi 70?05Ch0368-755.,52,510.3-
FTi 70C168-755.,520.15-
FTi 35C528-408.
FTi 35C728-409.
FTi 35C828-40148.
FTi 3028-378.
FTi 2520-305-255-3010.080.03