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Our experts can develop an individual refractory solution already at the stage of preparation for the repair or relining of your furnace/equipment. Depending on the objective, a well-thought-out concept of a new refractory lining/masonry is created, considering all conditions and wishes.

Our engineering consulting services include:

Inspection and assessment of objects (damage assessment on site)
Lining / masonry design planning also considering possible alternative solutions
Recommendations for the selection of suitable cast-in-place concrete or fireclay including insulation and support systems
Heat transfer calculation using the modern SIMU-THERM 7.1 software
2D design, drawings (CAD) and assembly documentation
Drying curves monitoring during plant start-up

We can provide you with a tailor-made solution to protect the elements of your equipment in accordance with common requirements such as outdoor temperature, working environment, etc.

Mining engineering

Steel industry

Cement industry

Electrical Industry

Chemical industry

Glass industry