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Customized professional lining systems to operate in extreme conditions Wear protection. Refractory and acid-proof coatings The existing installations maintenance or new integrated solutions introducing Highest level of service Over 35 years of experience in industrial lining systems. We serve customers around the world. Competence and experience
Industrial wear resistant lining
Refractory linings of all types
Chemical protection

SBS Industrial Solutions GmbH

We are a very dynamic and developing company with over 35 years of experience in furnace construction and wear and acid resistant lining systems.

The demands on companies and their production are constantly increasing.

Industrial equipment is subject to ever-increasing stress.

Benefit from our know-how to maximize the efficiency of your business.

We will find the best solution for your individual requirements, including the extreme conditions when different types of loads intersect.

Why choose us?

Many years of experience

Maximum flexibility

Professional performance

High efficiency

Materials warehouse

Our qualified mounting staff is ready to start work around the world as soon as possible!



Dismantling, cleaning and maintenance of industrial ovens

Materials delivery and assembly

Production of parts and components for equipment